Sumit Madhwani.

Sumit Madhwani-rishtekhojo Sumit Madhwani’s Biodata- Full Name : Sumit Madhwani Marital Status: Groom Date of Birth : 13/08/1988 Birth Time (11:00 AM or 11:00 PM): 10:30 AM Birth Place: Bhrathana, Dist-Etawha (U.P.). Height : 5’11” Qualifiaction (Select One or More): MBA Skin Color: Wheatist Complexion/Looking(Select one or more): Smart Self Occupation: Financial (IFA Global Mumbai) Annual Income : NA Contact No.: 8717854345 Father’s Name: Mr. Naresh Madhwani. Mother’s […]

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Manisha Awtanirishtekhojo

Manisha Awtani

Manisha Awtani-rishtekhojo Manisha Awtani’s Biodata- Full Name (Write Your Name) : Manisha awtani Select Marital Status: Divorcee Female Date of Birth : 27/02/1983 Birth Time (11:00 AM or 11:00 PM): 01:15am Birth Place: Bharthana(u.p) Height : 5’4″ Qualifiaction (Select One or More): M.A. Skin Color: Fair Complexion/Looking(Select one or more): Simple Contact No.: 9358329909, 9826425309 Father’s Name: Late shri. Bhagchand awtani Mother’s Name: Smt. Kavita awtani Grand […]

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Bharat Hargunani (Manglik).

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